PSD To PrestaShop Conversion – Why Is It Needed For eCommerce Design?

With innumerable platforms available in the market, choosing the right one is a tough job! When selling online, providing your customers comfort when shopping from your website is a mandate.

Since 2007, PrestaShop is one of the most trusted and versatile open-source eCommerce shopping carts. Highly protected, efficient, personalized and flexible, it can be used for all types of business regardless of the business size. Powered by PHP and MySQL, PrestaShop makes conversion from PSD to its templates an uncomplicated and easy job.
Now the question arises why? Why should one convert from PSD to PrestaShop?

Here’s one simple answer.

Website design has a huge impact on the overall performance and efficiency of your site, especially the revenue. You might have noticed that sometimes your store’s traffic increases for landing pages including product/category pages but your sales remain the same. This happens because of poor website design and graphics. In other words, visitors are browsing but the bounce rate is high. In order to rectify this and boost your sales, it is important to enhance your eCommerce design with PSD to PrestaShop.

Benefits Of PSD To PrestaShop

The expert PSD to PrestaShop conversion services provide unique and appealing user experience, compatible with cross browsers platforms, lightweight templates, clean and search engine optimized solutions with intuitive interfaces.

Are you looking fo a certified
Developer for your project?

Usually free of charge, the expert PSD to PrestaShop conversion services offer a minimal cost barrier to building a successful eCommerce platform. The platform is perfect for businesses with minimal IT support. Also, the features are eligible for managing several stores from a single admin area. So increase your sales while making your customers happy with flexible and easy to convert PSD to PrestaShop.

User-Friendly Interface
Accessible to mobile devices, PrestaShop provides enhanced analytics, supports multiple languages and currencies for essential business insights. Thus, irrespective of the customers’ background, it offers superior user experience and makes their online shopping a fun job.

Compatible Design
The responsive design, offered by PrestaShop, appears to be pixel perfect and compatible with all the major browsers. By converting PSD to PrestaShop, you are bound to faster loading speed and an enhanced browsing in all respects.

The Power of Theme Customization
Switching to PrestaShop gives you the power to develop a website according to the requirement and preferences. The numerous storefront enhancements offered by this platform makes your design aesthetic and elegant. From advanced modules to premium responsive templates to search engine optimization to secure transactions to high-end admin functionality and much more, it serves as the complete eCommerce solution.

Easy and Hassle Free
Simply download and install add-ons and let PrestaShop do all of the work!
With easy to install modules, you can effortlessly design incredibly successful promotions and never be left in the dark. Furthermore, the modules can easily handle the complexities of PrestaShop programming and coding.

Final Statement
PSD to PrestaShop conversion is a smart way to design your site accordingly to your business goals and requirements. Along with offering ample benefits, it allows in making the best of your eCommerce solution.
Hire a PrestaShop Developer today and gift yourself a site that matters, brings customers and profits.

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