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Why choose PrestaShop for eCommerce website development?

Are you looking for a powerful platform to build your eCommerce store? It's vital to select the right platform because it will determine the holistic user experience of your eCommerce store alongside the page navigation experience, brand trust and satisfying search engine ranking parameters.

Prestashop is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for various reasons. It is free of cost, well-optimised, secure, feature-packed, and offers you everything you need to establish strong public brand authority. Furthermore, the platform is available in 60 different worldwide languages, providing your online store with a lot of flexibility in terms of localisation.

Our team has been working with the PrestaShop technology since its inception, and has over 8 years of practical exposure working as certified PrestaShop eCommerce developers. We are confident technocrats who know how to make a PrestaShop eCommerce successful by leveraging the peak potential of this ever evolving CMS.

For the best possible user experience and higher search engine rankings, our skilled team of Prestashop UI/UX designers and development experts move towards a collaborative work approach. We are also trained to customise a PrestaShop storefront to meet a business’s unique operational needs. Yet, what makes us stand out is a team of tech passionates who don’t leave a single chance to keep up with the latest eCommerce trends and technologies to keep your Prestashop at the forefront of its domain.

Who should choose PrestaShop ecommerce Development?

Every business wants a unique solution that could fulfil their requirements and fit align with their goals. And amazingly, PrestaShop is designed as a viable option for companies of all shapes and sizes. Here’s how PrestaShop is an ideal platform for all:

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PrestaShop doesn't burden companies for paying any license fee, neither its development costs are high, nor additional features. In fact, it comes with a baggage of utility features that are extremely straightforward to use. Using PrestaShop means you can launch your eCommerce in a short period, reducing your go-to-market time. Overall, PrestaShop offers all the tools that startups require during the first few years of their development.

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Small Scale Businesses

Usually, small-scale businesses have been in the market for some time. They already know the behaviour of their audiences, customers, and competitors. Small businesses can benefit from emerging trends and technologies by incorporating PrestaShop and leverage from its flexible characteristics. It also gives them the power to retain their customers and improve their offerings while scaling up strategies with evolving changing market needs.

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Medium Level Enterprises

Medium-sized companies are more concerned with their widely dispersed operations and market survival. Big successful brands challenge their growth. They also need to manage and maintain the usability of their platforms, security of customers' data, Omni sales channels and third-party vendors. Through its advanced features, PrestaShop fulfils all these necessities and strengthens the brand's foothold position in the market while continuing to expand.

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Our PrestaShop ecommerce Development Process

We follow a straightforward and productive process that ensures innovation is a part of it, while keeping our clients involved, and their queries resolved, at every stage of the execution.

  • Conceptualization

    Post understanding your project needs, objectives, and expectations, our team conceptualise them into a proper documentation, so our solution architects can draft an ideal service package to suit your budget. Certainly, after discussing everything with you, and your approval on it.

  • Planning

    Once the solution is drafted in the first stage, we develop a plan for the structured development of your PrestaShop eCommerce Store. We decide on the tools and technologies, and milestones for the entire project at this stage.

  • UX & Theming

    At this stage, our PrestaShop designers suggest you a perfect PrestaShop theme template pre-available in the marketplace or customise an artistic theme with its UI and UX matching your brand image and brand voice, respectively.

  • Code Development

    This stage is carried out on our development server. In this, our certified PrestaShop developers code your website's front-end, backend structure, functionality, and features. You would be able to monitor every step of the development process live on the Staging server.

  • Module Integration

    After coding your PrestaShop store and getting it ready, as per your requirements, our developers proceed towards customising modules or installing some popular ones from the PrestaShop marketplace to simplify your stocking, logistics, marketing, accounting, and other daily business operations.

  • Audit & Testing

    We never risk your brand reputation. Our team thoroughly audit and test the entire project rigorously on desktop and mobile before putting your PrestaShop store live, thus ensuring that no bugs are passed over to the live server.

  • Delivery & Walkthrough

    At last, our PrestaShop developers will host and deploy your project on a live server. They will provide you with a comprehensive overview of your website once it is live, explaining in detail every customer & admin functionality.

  • 30 days free support

    Our developers monitor your PrestaShop for up to 30 days. During this period, if you notice any technical or non-technical issues or receives any minor change request, we will happily assist you without charging you additional hours of work.

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Our Work

We believe in more actions, and fewer words, and our work is a clear reflection of this. Please have a look at the PrestaShops we've developed.

Why choose us for PrestaShop ecommerce website development

Since its inception, we've been in the eCommerce market and have always worked with PrestaShop as we "love" it. We're regarded as a reputable
PrestaShop eCommerce development company because of the innovative and holistic approach we follow and our experience, skills,
and credibility.

8 above years of experience

8 above years of experience

We have 8+ years of experience in designing, developing, customising, and maintaining PrestaShop websites.

Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreement

It is critical to protect the information related to your business. Our PrestaShop agency will sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect all your data.

Certified developers

Certified developers

A majority of our PrestaShop developers are certified by PrestaShop itself for their eCommerce development abilities.

Fair Pricing

Fair Pricing

We are a highly talented team of developers who offer competitive development rates, starting from $20/man-hour.

Free PrestaShop Support & Maintenance

Free Support & Maintenance for 30 days

We provide extensive support and maintenance services for up to 30 days after project completion to ensure that our work does not leave bugs on your live PrestaShop store. 

Additional Ecommerce Services

Additional Ecommerce Services

Along with development, we provide eCommerce Store consultancy, SEO audits, and website optimisation to ensure your business stays ahead of its competition.

Frequently Asked Questions about our PrestaShop
ecommerce development services.

Our team of experts have answered some of the most commonly asked questions here.

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