Tips for Migrating PrestaShop Store to Another Domain

There are various reasons a company changes the domain name of the website. For example, an eCommerce store running for years might have changed its niche and require a new URL that matches its latest offerings more accurately. Migrating the PrestaShop store to another domain requires careful planning with a keen focus on zero database […]

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PrestaShop 8.1.2 Is Available – Upgrade For Enhanced Performance

The latest version of the PrestaShop content management system is available for the users. PrestaShop 8.1.2 comes with two standard security fixes and 30+ bug fixes for CMS users. The open-source eCommerce platform also offers some minor security fixes for improving the overall performance of the online stores. This article will explore what new features […]

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What to Know for Successful eCommerce Migration?

An eCommerce migration process is focused on improving your website performance in terms of speed, ease of checkout, and overall user experience for the clients. However, stepping in the wrong direction can mess things up for your business. For example, a lack of SEO optimization in the migration process can severely impact your years of […]

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Exploring the potential of AI in PrestaShop: Best practices to follow

Artificial intelligence has become an integral part of our digital existence, permeating virtually every aspect of our daily routine. With each passing day, AI is increasingly transforming how we live and work. Its impact on the eCommerce industry has been revolutionary, effectively altering the very landscape of online shopping. Forbes reports that the AI-fuelled eCommerce […]

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Benefits of Choosing Shopify For ECommerce Store

If you are thinking of creating an online store! Shopify is an excellent option. The eCommerce platform lets you easily reach a global audience with appealing online stores. Moreover, creating an online store in Shopify gives you several marketing tools for business development. The Shopify eCommerce platform has several up-to-date features for building easy-to-use advanced […]

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