COVID-19: Useful Tips For Online Retailers


This goes without saying, the consequences of the current health situation are evolving day by day, and some areas of uncertainty still remain undefined. The enclosure and quarantine in multiple parts of the world are raising serious questions and doubts among online retailers. And this isn’t unusual or surprising!  

If you are one amongst them, this article is for you.

Here we will be discussing some useful tips to help you adapt your activity and make the most out of this time – without hampering your online business.

Useful Tips For Online Retailers

Let’s get started

Before you even think about the economic consequences for your business, think about the health of the people running it. No matter whether your employees are working from home or not, regular monitoring of government health recommendations is important to keep your business going. We highly recommend sharing key measures to keep in mind at all times during this health crisis.

Your webshop has innumerable facets and diverse factors could impact it.

For instance, you need to follow government or third-party communications to stay updated on financial aspects. In case your business heavily relies on product delivery, you need to be updated with the status of the delivery and logistics solutions you use.

This will, in turn, allow you to be proactive towards your clients, partners and users. Also, it will assure them that you will serve them will the same zeal and dedication.

Don’t forget to postpone the events and meet-ups with your customers or suppliers. However, you can switch to phone calls, video solutions or live streaming to conduct the important ones – if you have the access.

We advise you to be as transparent as possible with your customers and employees. Your customers should be aware of all the relevant information – probably the one that might impact their business operations. Whether it requires an update on your homepage, your social networks, blogs or forums, stay transparent and proactive.

Why not use this time to improve the performance of your store? In other words, it’s the right time to pay attention to your store and optimize it for enhanced performance.

Here are some recommendations:

Update your product pages
Optimizing and updating your product pages from the SEO point of view can be very useful. Take time to rethink the titles, optimize keywords and focus on producing detailed and clear descriptions. Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors for once and try prioritizing information accordingly.

Prioritize customer experience
Think and discover the best web design practices to enhance customer experience. For instance, simplify your shopping journey, make key information more visible and highlight action buttons. These are some of the key steps that will help you provide a better experience to your visitors. Further, if a visitor finds your site interesting, there are high chances of him/her converting into a customer.

Focus on inventory
Inventory management is one of the most crucial aspects o an online store. Even a minor error in your back office could create a major impact. Utilise this time to check the status of your stocks and ensure their consistency with your product pages.

Discover and test new modules
The best part about PrestaShop is their wide catalog of modules, designed to allow merchants to extend the functionalities of their stores at all times.  Now is a good time to think about your needs and find modules at the addons marketplace to expand the accelerate your journey.

The PrestaShop community keeps on improving the experience of its merchants by introducing unique features and functionalities. It’s time to pay attention to those and pick the ones that best suit your business. Further, check the latest version updates and make sure your store is upgraded to the latest version of PrestaShop to take advantage of all its features and improvements.

Let’s not panic and try to make the best use of this time.  Let’s help each other grow through advice, feedback and suggestions.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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