Top 10 PrestaShop Modules in 2023


PrestaShop Modules are potent tools for upgrading your eCommerce store with new functional features. They save you time and money and implement the crucial features instantly. 

You can use them to implement various out-of-the-box functional features. However, with more than 3000 Prestashop modules in the official marketplace, choosing the right ones takes a lot of work.

This article enlists the top trending Prestashop addons that boost your ecommerce business and help build business growth with high performance.

10 Must-Have PrestaShop Modules for eCommerce Stores

The following handpicked Prestashop modules help you enhance your ecommerce performance in diverse ways. 

  • Slider Revolution 6 – Powers Your Store with Responsive Sliders


Sliders make online stores more interactive and boost user engagement effectively. They are also helpful in marketing business products and highlighting discounts and offers—leverage sliders on your eCommerce site with Slider Revolution 6, a robust & responsive Prestashop module.

It helps you create attractive sliders for the store without learning to code. This module powers you with a responsive visual page, slider, and drag-and-drop editor. Using the drag-and-drop editor, you can easily customize the layout of the slider and experiment with the digital store outlook, social login, and more. 

Notable Features:

  • SEO Friendly
  • Improved Loading Times
  • Responsive Layouts
  • 150+ Ready Templates
  • 15+ Add-ons
  • In-depth Animation Settings
  • Multi-Language Supported


  • SmartrMail – Smart Way for Automating Customer Emails

Smartrmail is a potent Prestashop module for sending emails to customers that drive sales. It is a practical module and a profitable marketing channel for online merchants. It generates customized email templates that resonate with your store outlook.

You also get access to readymade emails for handling abandoned carts and leading successful win-back campaigns. This module also gives you a pop-up to collect more emails and a drag-and-drop flow builder. 

Key Features:

  • 15-day Free Trial
  • Drag and Drop Flow Builder
  • Automated emails 
  • 3 Follow Up Recovery emails 
  • Cross-Selling Recommendations 
  • Mobile Responsive Emails
  • Email Marketing Automation


  • Classy Whatsapp Module – Providing Customer Support via Whatsapp

Running an online Prestashop store means handling several customers on a regular note. 24/7 customer service helps you booth business brand values and build a loyal customer business for the company. 

The Classy WhatsApp PrestaShop module lets customers directly connect with the support team. A simple click on its button will allow the users to chat with the support team over WhatsApp Messenger. 

Notable Features: 

  • Live Chat Support
  • Schedule Active Status 
  • 2 Layout Styles 
  • Enable & Disable Team Members
  • Top Notch Support
  • Regular Updates


  •  Crazy Elements – Build Store Pages for Free


If you want to add more pages to your online store, Crazy Elements is for you. This PrestaShop Module helps you create professional-looking web pages with live drag-and-drop builders. Moreover, these pages are screen-responsive and look great over larger screens like desktops and PCs and smaller screens like tablets and smartphones.

This module has several user-friendly features, including more than fifty readymade web templates that can be customized to match your business industry. When using this module, it’s recommendable to go for Payment Gateway Integrations too for multiple payment options over the site. 

Do you know how Prestashop Payment Gateway Gateway integrations work at the API level? It works by combining all the parties like merchant, buyers, buyer’s bank and seller’s bank in a single step-by-step process.

Notable Features:

  • Live Drag and Drop Editor
  • Over 50 Widgets
  • Over 140 Section Blocks
  • 50+ Readymade Website Templates
  • Mobile Editing
  • Product Page Layout Builder
  • Product Description Builder


  •  Free Shipping Amount Display

Customers love free shipping. Various customers leave the cart when they have to pay for the shipping charges or when they find shipping charges higher. You can use the Free Shipping Amount Display module to market your business products efficiently and combat cart abandonment.

This module gives shoppers real-time information on how much more they need to shop for to get free shipping from the store. It is an efficient way to encourage online shoppers and helps improve the average order value of your online store. 

However, you can skip this one if you offer free shipping on all your products. 

Key Features:

  • Real-time Information
  • Direct Display to the Shoppers


  •  SmartBlog Module – For Content Marketing

SmartBlog is a famous PrestaShop that lets you create and add beautiful blog pages over the eCommerce site. So doing SEO on your eCommerce website with content marketing becomes more accessible with this PrestaShop module. 

It also lets you display the number of posts on the webpage. Additionally, you can choose either ascending or descending order for the blog posts on the website. For advanced content marketing, you can also categorize the blogs, leverage add-on bundles, custom CSS, captcha, SEO-friendly URLs, and more.

Notable Features

  • Creates Blog Pages
  • SEO Optimized
  • 12+ Add-Ons
  • Custom Image
  • Categories Management 
  • Blog Search Option
  • Social Share Button


  •  Advanced Search 4 – Filters & Search-Based Module

The advanced search 4 is counted among the top Prestashop addons and provides layered navigation for the eCommerce store. The module lets you add multiple search engines and get SEO boosters for optimizing the online store efficiently. This module has already been downloaded and used over 5000 times by PrestaShop stores worldwide.  

With Advanced Search 4, you can optimize business products with various filters. So, online shoppers can find your business products with ease. Your business is powered by shorter loading times for finding different products and services. This PrestaShop module is ideal if your online store deals in various products. A PrestaShop developer can easily integrate and optimize this module for the high performance of your business store.

Notable Features:

  • Layered Navigation
  • Add Multiple Search Engines
  • Leverage Various Filters
  • SEO Optimized
  • Various SEO Features


  •  Classy FAQ Module – Integrates FAQ Page

This is counted among the top PrestaShop addons and is a potent tool for integrating FAQ pages over the e-Commerce site. You can add this module to offer answers to various queries of the customers. Handling customers’ questions becomes easier as you have a dedicated section to answer them.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited FAQs
  • FAQs Categorization
  • Search Options
  • Add/Edit FAQs with Ease
  • Mobile-responsive Designs
  • One Time Charges


  •  JPresta Speed Pack – For Faster Page Loading


You can add the JPresta Speed Pack PrestaShop module if your store surfers from poor speed performance. It can cache the whole page, introducing the browser cache into the website. This reduces the page loading time over devices where the store has already been opened. With faster loading, your business earns higher user engagement and conversion rates. Overall, it’s an essential tool to increase traffic and boost conversion rate of the eCommerce store.

Notable Features:

  • Page Caching
  • Browser Caching
  • Improves Page Speed 
  • Enhances Page SEO 


  •  Pretty URLs – Boosts Page SEO

This PrestaShop Module powers the online store with SEO-friendly URLs. It eliminates the IDs and numbers from the website URL, which helps enhance the web pages’ online visibility. Pretty URLs are among the top Prestashop modules and can be easily installed and used.

Notable Features:

  • Boost Site SEO
  • Simple to Use

Wrapping Up

That was all about the top PrestaShop modules for use in 2023 and beyond. They are all good options for enhancing the online performance of your eCommerce store. However, you need to choose wisely.

For example, if your store already has a good speed performance, you do not need to add or install modules focussed on enhancing the speed performance of the store. 

At Presta Web Developer, we analyze your eCommerce site for various vulnerabilities and help you choose the right modules that enhance your store performance. Based on your specific business needs, our Prestashop Module development team can also customize result-oriented modules from scratch.

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