How PrestaShop Payment gateway integration works at API level?

Payment Gateway refers to an e-commerce application service provider service that allows credit card payments for e-business and online retailer. Although Payment Gateway works in systematic process, but still it is a time-consuming process as it combines all the parties like merchant, buyers, buyer’s bank and seller’s bank.

So in this piece of writing we will describe that the API calls that arise while making the transaction with Payment Gateway on a PrestaShop store.

Steps for API integration

  1. In this step dealer develops a Post Request, which includes basic mandatory information like order reference number, amount, product information, first email, contact number and hash. After this dealer count the hash and send it to the Payment Gateway.
  2. After the Post request, the customer would be sent to the Payment page. This provides the facility to the customers to choose their own payment option on payment gateway’s page and then click ‘Pay Now’. This Payment Gateway takes the customer to the chosen bank. Later the bank gives the response back to Payment Gateway.
  3. The transaction Post request inform the payment gateway server, a new transaction is created in gateway database. With this, an uncommon identifier is developed every time at gateway’s end to determine each new transaction in the gateway database.
  4. Payment gateway performs various functions like record the transaction status on the basis of feedback received from the bank. It allows the dealer to get the final transaction response through the Post response. To avoid tampering attempt by user, dealer will also receive the hash framework.

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There are different kits administering different PrestaShop APIs to control a lot of tasks. There are several kinds of kits available to make the integration process easy.

Thus through the API your payment gateway integration becomes an easier task for you.

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