PrestaShop 8.1.2 Is Available – Upgrade For Enhanced Performance

The latest version of the PrestaShop content management system is available for the users. PrestaShop 8.1.2 comes with two standard security fixes and 30+ bug fixes for CMS users. The open-source eCommerce platform also offers some minor security fixes for improving the overall performance of the online stores.

This article will explore what new features come with PrestaShop 8.1.2. As per security researchers, the latest versions resolve several bugs reported by the PrestaShop community. While most of these bugs were minor, some are worthy of your notice.

Here are 7 bug fixes you get with PrestaShop 8.1.2.

The new version provides the following bug fixes:

  • The issues of consistent error messages for items in the cart exceeding the available quality have been resolved. The new version performs an availability check after every update.
  • Users will now get a notification when they try to create a duplicate of any product. The notification will get added to the model and ask the user to edit the friendly URL of the product.
  • The friendly URLs will get automated updates and can also configure the offline shop with the latest product pages.
  • The section on reordering products in the categories has also seen significant improvements, focusing on making the interface more intuitive for the users.
  • The PrestaShop upgrade comes with several minor fixes and improvements in the interface of the product pages.
  • The team has resolved the issue with the interface for legacy translations on PHP 8.1. 
  • The new multi-format image generation system has been improved with several performance optimizations. 

With the PrestaShop upgrade, you can implement the above-listed benefits on your online store. This will also boost the user experience for the people shopping online. 

Security Fixes You get with Prestashop 8.1.2

The PrestaShop’s latest version provides two security fixes. Both the fixes need back-office access to be exploited.

  • Even with low rights, you can uninstall modules via the back-office
  • Employees lacking access rights can list the installed modules of the online stores 

How Can We Help You with Prestashop 8.1.2 Upgrade?

As a team of trusted Prestshop experts, we can ensure a seamless upgrade of your online store. We take multiple backups to help you with a single-click return in case things go wrong.  

Our Prestashop support team leverages the latest technology tools for taking backups and implementing version updates of the online store. We also perform various code optimization to ensure seamless performance of the online store with the new version.

Based on the project requirements, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap, which you can easily track with deliverables. This way, we ensure a seamless collaboration with all our clients. 

Here are the usual steps followed for the PrestaShop 8.1.2 upgrade:

  • The team begins by backing up PrestaShop store files and databases. This is done to ensure zero loss of data and files during the version upgrade process. 
  • We will download and install the open-source Prestashop CMS’s latest version (8.1.2) and proceed with the store upgrade process.  
  • Further, we will check that the store is performing optimally with the new update. The team performs vital code and database optimization for a glitch-free store performance. 

Wrapping Up

That was all about the latest version of PrestShop. It is ideal to upgrade your shop to the 8.1.2 version to eliminate any glitches and performance issues from the store.  The database upgrade script of the PHP modules focuses on several major and minor improvements for PrestaShop users.

Our support service can help you with an upgrade module or completely revamp the store with the latest version, 8.1.2. 


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