Why is PrestaShop Famous in Italy?

PrestaShop, an open-source eCommerce CMS that everybody loves. Are you trying to know how many likes it has in Italy?

Well, besides having more than 7,21,180 users worldwide, including some leading brands such as Samsung, McDonald’s, Vodafone, and Decathlon, PrestaShop is used by 21,349 websites in Italy.

And, the number is increasing every day. Especially after a report suggests that Italy’s eCommerce industry is expected to grow by 6% every year till 2025.

Italy ranks 14th in the list of the world’s largest eCommerce markets. So, if you are planning to hire PrestaShop developer Italy, and establish an Omnichannel eCommerce experience for your audience, keep up the read.

Today, we have discussed what made PrestaShop so famous in Italy. What successful brands are using it? And why are they doing so?

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What made PrestaShop famous in Italy?

People in Italy have a huge love for eCommerce. Amazon alone made net sales of 5,924 million dollars in 2021 there. This means Italians don’t just love shopping, but also selling.

64 billion euros was the net eCommerce revenue in Italy from 2009 to 2021. This is why PrestaShop is an ideal platform for Italians.

PrestaShop is open-source allowing the people of Italy to go digital and step up in the world of eCommerce.

It is also flexible and easy to use, which means anyone with little computer knowledge can understand the basics of PrestaShop to sell products online.

PrestaShop is secure, which is another big reason for its success in Italy. It offers excellent security features built-in, such as 2-factor authentication, SQL injection, CSRF, remote code execution, etc.

This amazing CMS supports nearly every standard payment gateway. PayPal, CCBill, WorldPay, and Amazon Pay, all can be integrated within PrestaShop. This allows Italian merchants to sell internationally.

Moreover, PrestaShop offers 3000 above modules and extensions in its marketplace. All are available for free. A merchant just needs to install them into their PrestaShop and configure it before using them. Not much hassle, only utility.

Another significant reason behind PrestaShop’s popularity among Italians is the pricing of its services. Yes! PrestaShop upgrade service in Italy is not much expensive.

Companies offer flexible pricing packages that help Italians set up a full-fledged PrestaShop and ensure a seamless user experience for their buyers.

You must have got a general idea now. Well, we can carry on explaining various other reasons for PrestaShop’s success in Italy, but it’s time to look at some brands.

What and why do brands use PrestaShop in Italy?



Bolina Sail is a famous brand that makes recycled sail bags and accessories. The company is based in Italy, and it gets customers around the world satisfied with the quality products and high-level services. The website has gained a good name with the help of Prestashop.

Cupertino Shop

Cupertino Shop

Cupertino Shop is an Italian store that created its Android app using the KnowBand’s PrestaShop Mobile App builder module. They wanted simplified navigation, an advanced product search filter, and multiple payment gateways that PrestaShop provided them easily.



Quotidiano.net is an online Italian news service that was launched in 2000. It covers Italian and international news stories of public interest, as well as political, sports, and entertainment news. Quotidiano.net is also a part of the Italian web syndication Italianews.

Fantasy Calzature

Fantasy Calzature

Fantasy Calzature is a style-focused eCommerce brand in Italy. They used PrestaShop mobile app builder to sell premium quality accessories, shoes, and backpacks, for men, women, and kids. They advantaged PrestaShop’s mobile optimized navigation, voice search module, and other essential features to improve their customers’ experience.



Railso is a boutique in Italy that brings you over 40 years of experience in marketing branded clothing, accessories, designer products, and footwear. There are a lot of different types of clothes to choose from at this store.

You can find jeans, Bermudas, beachwear, coats, jackets, and suits for men. And for women, there are dresses, jumpsuits, beachwear, and skirts. They also have a wide variety of accessories like belts, bracelets, earrings, cuffs, key rings, and necklaces. PrestaShop helped Railso market its extensive range of products.



Sesamall is a popular lifestyle app you would find on the smartphone of almost every fashion-loving teenager in Italy. Designed on PrestaShop, Sesamall has an appealing design. It has a voice search feature and various other functionalities that make the user experience enjoyable.

Final words

It’s not just Italy that PrestaShop is getting popular in. This open-source CMS is being loved worldwide.

However, if you are from Italy or want to tap the exciting eCommerce market there, PrestaShop is a good platform.

We hope everything we have discussed above must have helped you get an idea about PrestaShop’s capabilities.

Still, if you aspire to know more, have some doubts, or need some additional clarification, talk to us.

We are 8+ years experienced PrestaShop agency.

Our developers and consultants are available to hear your requirements and provide the best consulting advice.

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