Top Advantages of Hiring A Freelance Developer

With freelancing, the future of working has arrived!

Today as the workforce progressively shifts away from a standard 9 to 5 working day to embrace a labour force that is more fluid, companies who can quickly adapt to such changes are the ones to have the upper hand.

Not only this, you need to have experts within your organization who have the ability to take your customers by storm. In case, you lack the required resources or feel no need to engage a full-time worker, the answer lies in hiring a freelancer.

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In fact, research from The Plato Group shows, “One-third of Americans — roughly 42 million — are freelancers, with experts forecasting freelancers to make up 50 percent of the full-time workforce by 2020.” This clearly reflects how hiring freelancers are becoming an important part of the rat race. In other words, this is called living in the “Gig Economy”. According to Tech Target, “A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.” It differs from a traditional employer-employee relationship in the following ways:

  • There’s less of a commitment (workers may only complete a single project)
  • Work is often done digitally rather than on-site
  • Independent workers typically specialize in a certain niche

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Let’s explore some more advantages that a freelance developer is ought to provide:  

Broader Experience
A successful freelancer with years of experience is likely to have worked with dozens if not hundreds or thousands of different individuals and companies of all sizes. Each client or job adds more experience to his/her craft, bringing more skills to their ever-growing arsenal.

While there is an additional benefit of working with a single company for a long time and learning it inside out, but, there’s also a huge advantage of working with diverse companies, picking up essential information, tips, and strategies from them along the way.

Thus, hiring a freelancer allows you to leverage the knowledge and experience of a person who has worked under a multitude of successful companies and use that experience for you.

Quick Delivery
It’s a proven fact that a freelancer finds no fun or gains no benefit in dragging their feet and juice the clock. Instead, successful freelancers are always motivated to perform and deliver a job fast – that’s beyond your expectations.

So, if you need your project fast quick delivery, leave it to a freelancer and get it within no time – along with top-notch quality.

Quality of Work
For freelancers, building and nurturing relationships is everything. And what’s the most integral part of any business relationship? Turning in high-quality work.

While normal employees may be more sporadic when it comes to consistent quality, a freelancer’s motor is always running high. This is because in running their own business, contractors are heavily reliant on repeat business.

Hence, they’re uniquely motivated to provide stellar work and excellent turnaround times. Nothing is guaranteed for a freelancer, so they take nothing for granted. This outlook will benefit your business in every way possible.

Freelancers, more than any other type of employee, are fully accustomed to working solo. They don’t rely on extensive training, mentors, experience of their coworkers, and therefore typically require much less hand-holding than a new employee.

If you want someone who will hit the ground running from the very start as compared to someone who needs assistance and relies on other for the same, then a freelancer is the way to go.

It can easily be concluded that you are really missing something big if you haven’t hired a freelancer yet.

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