Rich Snippets: How to Make Your PrestaShop Store Rank Higher

Google is a behemoth when it comes to product searches, and we all know it!

With the sheer amount of people, a mouth-gaping 63,000 per second,  searching for products and product reviews on Google, getting to the top of the SERPs should be a priority.

Luckily, Google itself offers a vast range of features and tools that, when used effectively, reap unprecedented results. One such way is rich snippets. This Google feature, although not widely used by many eCommerce sites, help set your product pages apart from the competition. And this is what exactly an online business wants: to differentiate itself from others in the same industry.

Before you wonder what exactly are these, we’d like to pop that bubble.

What Are Rich Snippets?
Rich Snippets, as they are commonly known, are bits of structured data that help search engines to easily understand your site data and organize that information in a user-friendly way. They are integrated into your website and make your pages appear in the SERP of search engines along with extra features.

The type of information can vary: consumer opinions, people, ratings, products, prices, establishments, recipes, events, music, 5-star ratings, etc.

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Let’s make it clear with an example:

Rich Snippets

Well, the reviews, ratings and images certainly leave a positive impact on the user’s mind. Doesn’t it?

Ask for yourself: Would you rather prefer a recipe with some reviews or no reviews?

Next comes,

Why Are Rich Snippets Important For Your PrestaShop Store?
What’s even more important than rankings is the opportunity rich snippets give you to stand out in the search results of prospects and increase your CTRs. For example, which one of the following four listings catches your eye immediately?

Rich Snippets Important

Probably the third one, right?

Yes, that’s because of the ratings and the reviews. This is what rich snippets do. Even though its position on the page is less enviable due to low ranking, the extra visual detail gives it a much better chance at grabbing attention and ultimately sales.

Apart from this, below are some other important reasons:

  • Considering the above, when you create an online store and continually generate new content (or improve existing content), Google will also reward the location in which you create them. Thus, if many of your website URLs are “enriched” in Google, you will also get improved organic positioning.
  • They enhance brand trust and user confidence since users find relevant info related to your website URLs.

How To Integrate Rich Snippets into Your PrestaShop Store?

Well, the standard way is to integrate a custom HTML code into the pages where you want them to be displayed. Moreover, it’s important to access in order to optimize the information of different types of Rich Snippets. informs you of the different conditions that your content has to comply with in order to see highlighted results.

However, if you have an online PrestaShop store, there is a much easier way to do it, by using its different modules. Mentioned are

Five Best PrestaShop Modules for Integrating Rich Snippets

  • Opiniones Tienda + Opiniones Productos + Rich Snippets

This module allows you to add Rich Snippets to the different product pages of your eCommerce site.

With Store Reviews + Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets, you can easily display customer reviews for your products in the SERP. This will positively influence your customers and prompt them to buy your products.

  • Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets

This is one of the most powerful tools for incorporating advanced features into your eCommerce site.

Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro gives you the needed reliability by adding customer reviews, comments and ratings to make your website more engaging when appearing in Google results.

  • Product Reviews + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pin

This add-on, in addition to adding all the features of the previous Rich Snippets, let’s you add breadcrumbs and Pinterest rich pins.

Breadcrumbs allow you to have a look at the path taken to get to the current page.

  • Reviews, Advices, Ratings & SEO

As the name suggests, Reviews, Advices, Ratings & SEO is an all-inclusive package and incorporates all the previous features.

It is one of the most popular downloads by PrestaShop users and is fully compatible with version 1.7 of the CMS.

  • Product Rating + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pins

If you need an add-on to activate and deactivate all the aspects that make Google take these Rich Snippets from your website, this should be your primary tool.

In this way, Product Rating + Google Snippets, Breadcrumb, Rich Pins ensures that your store has constant access to breadcrumbs, pins for your Pinterest account or stars.

What’s Next?

Get started!

After knowing the importance of Rich Snippets, it’s time to integrate them into your PrestaShop store and gain the desired SERP visibility.

So don’t wait and let Google, as well as your users, fall in love with your brand.

Our Prestashop module development services includes skilled and expertise required to develop an accomplished online store

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