How To Recover Your Abandoned Carts

You might be having a perfect online store and still be unable to convert all your visitors into customers. Cart abandonment is something that every e-commerce store is facing today. Doesn’t matter how great your products are or how big a brand you are, there is nothing like 0 abandoned cart. However, the good news is the number of abandoned carts doesn’t really mean a total loss of the sales. In fact, if handled wisely, these abandoned carts can be converted into successful sales. Generally, store owners would feel disappointed and complain about cart abandonment rate. So, here I have listed a few common mistakes that online marketers commit along with the solution to ensure maximum conversion.

Common Mistakes And Their Solutions

Ignoring The Abandoned Cart Users: As per experts, if properly managed, 20% – 30% of the abandoned carts can be recovered.

  • Solution: The best approach is to follow-up on the abandoned cart users by sending reminder emails. PrestaShop offers various add-ons that can help you track all the abandoned carts and automatically send the reminders via email. You can also send SMS reminders. According to a survey, SMS reminders have also shown as high as 97% open rate.

Reason For Abandonment: Generally, online marketers would moan and whine about their cart abandonment rate and not track the reason behind it. The reason could be a high shipping cost, mode of payment or slow checkout process. Ignoring the reason for abandonment and going on with the promotion will never generate required results. It is, therefore, important to track and attend to the reason for cart abandonment.

  • Solution: One of the feasible methods is to perform a heat map analysis. It will provide a complete insight into the sections with a high bounce rate. You can see if visitors are abandoning a cart after reaching a particular section or during final checkout. This information then can be used to optimize your store for a higher rate of conversion.

Remarketing Strategy: Different businesses has different requirements. This calls for a segmented and personalized remarketing strategy meeting the needs of the business as well as the target audience.

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  • Solution: The whole purpose of the remarketing is to achieve a higher rate of conversion. The follow-up emails and messages should be as per the target audience. If possible, create different groups and send them personalized messages as per their requirements.

Trust: Connect with your users and offer a solution that would attend to the issues they faced while shopping on your e-commerce store. It is important to connect with the customers and not just try to sell your products.

  • Solution: Offer a solution as per the issue. Simply offering discounts or offers won’t really help. Even if needed, make sure you communicate your concern. Stay true to your word, if you are offering a discount then don’t include additional charges during final checkout. This will cause the customer to lose faith and abandon the cart.

See your customers as the promoters of your business. Make sure you deliver on your promises. The storefront is crucial to attracting more traffic but what is more important is to convert that traffic into sales. Factors such as browsability, ease of communication, checkout process and payment methods play a major role in converting leads into sales. Don’t follow the conventional methods to attend to the abandoned carts, instead, do proper research and employ effective strategies to ensure a higher rate of recovery.

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