Learn Everything About the PrestaShop One Page Checkout Module

Ecommerce has become a part of our lives. With people drawing heavily towards online shopping, it’s essential for sellers to focus on user experience for long-term sustained growth.

Not to blame their PrestaShop developer, but many PrestaShop stores have a highly complex checkout process that reduces sales and dissatisfies their customers.

By default, PrestaShop comes with a multi-step checkout system, but you can install a one-page checkout module from PrestaShop’s add-ons marketplace to reduce the hassle and your customers’ checkout time.

Many experts in eCommerce have debated for years about whether using a one-page checkout system or a multi-step checkout method is preferable for online purchasing.

Still, being a reliable PrestaShop support and development agency, we’ve discovered the one-page checkout module much more effective in improving conversion rate and user engagement.

So, in this article, we have covered everything you need to know about this fantastic PrestaShop one-page checkout module. Nevertheless, it is more of an eCommerce strategy today than merely being a module.

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Table of contents

What is PrestaShop’s one-page checkout?

PrestaShop’s one-page checkout is a category of modules that can show all of the standard checkout components, including shipping choices, delivery addresses, cart items, and payment information, on just one page.

It’s one of the most popular extensions from the PrestaShop add-ons market and an integral part of our module development services to streamline our customers’ sales processes.

To make your audience purchase your eCommerce items on a single page, this plugin eliminates tedious registration forms, endless validations, or excessive purchase methods.

Features of PrestaShop one page checkout module

Main Features

  • You may toggle switch the one-page checkout option – ON/OFF.
  • The administrator may also decide whether to operate the module in Sandbox mode or not.
  • The administrator might input the IP address into the system, which will be able to utilize the One Page checkout option.

Login/Registration/Checkout Button Features

  • Admin has all the options to customize the checkout button and make it more appealing.
  • An admin can enable or disable the One Page Checkout Option for guests.
  • Guests can be assigned to a default customer group in the one-page checkout option.
  • Admin can allow customers to save their addresses during the process.
  • The solution immediately checks the data entered in the fields using “Inline Validation.”
  • Admin can also decide whether users must include their Social Title and Date of Birth when using the One Page Checkout.
  • The One Page Checkout module can also be used to disallow/restrict users from opting for offers and signing up for Newsletters during the checkout procedure.

Cart Customization Features

  • Admin can Allow/Restrict customers from viewing their cart details during checkout.
  • You can allow customers to Save their Cart products for a Later purchase. The products won’t dismantle automatically.
  • Customers have their own tab to manage/add the product to the basket. During one-page checkout, they may also remove products that have been saved for later purchase.
  • Cross-selling features like “Who Bought this also Bought” products can be displayed to the customers during their checkout process.
  • Admin can also concise the number of related products to display.
  • An admin can also control and customize the default product image size to display on one-page checkout.
  • Customers can choose to have the assurance block shown on the checkout page.
  • Customers may be prevented from checking the terms and conditions checkbox unless they have Administrator access.
  • Admin also can connect their desired Prestashop CMS Page to the terms and conditions link.

Address/Shipping/Payment Features

  • The admin can enable/disable Same Address Usage for Delivery and Invoicing.
  • The Carrier Logo and Carrier Description display can also be enabled/disabled.
  • Login directly via Facebook or Google is also an option available.
  • Admin can also decide to Display/Hide the Payment Gateway Logo.
  • Admin can also decide the default payment method they want for One Page Checkout.

How to install PrestaShop one-page checkout module?

Step 1: Visit the Module Manager in the Back office and click on ‘upload a module.’

Step 2: Drag and drop the module file or select the file from the system.

Step 3: The module installation process will automatically start and finish. 

Why do you need to move towards the one-page PrestaShop checkout for your store?

Every eCommerce store owner is concerned about the checkout procedure since it significantly influences consumer engagement, conversion rates, and product purchases.

According to Baymard Institute’s research, 67.75 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned by consumers due to one or more reasons.

It is crucial to understand the relationship between cart abandonment and checkout abandonment. According to the MPF (Merchandise Processing Fee) formula, a maximum number of abandoned carts occurs because of a time-consuming checkout procedure, which explains why there’s a need for a simple and engaging one-page checkout experience.

Online shoppers avoid spending time on a site with many stages for purchasing a specific item. As a result, one-page checkout processes are necessary to get optimum customer involvement and product sales in your eCommerce store.

Let us share some advantages of integrating the one-page PrestaShop checkout module in your PrestaShop store to get more conversions and product sales.

Advantages of PrestaShop one-page checkout add-on

1) Reduces the checkout steps to keep only relevant ones for a better conversion rate

Customers become irritated when the checkout procedure is lengthy, complicated, and devoid of relevance. This module restricts the entire process to a single page while eliminating unnecessary checkout fields to keep customers interested in their purchases.

You can place a guest checkout option, social login that allows Facebook login, Google login, and PayPal login, and you can customize the checkout layout as per your desire. You may also place a guest checkout option, social login, Google login, and PayPal login while modifying the checkout page layout as per your brand’s characteristics.

Your PrestaShop’s conversion rates and product sales will automatically up-rise when the number of steps in your checkout procedure is reduced. Yet, if you don’t know which way to go, you can take the help of our PrestaShop development team for an accessible and engaging checkout experience.

2) Clears the confusion among shoppers and improves the engagement rate

Customers become confused and often abandon the checkout process in the middle, believing it to be more time-consuming when they must fill out numerous pages while purchasing a specific item.

This is why the number of abandoned carts in your PrestaShop store rises, and product sales are also considerably reduced. You can use PrestaShop’s one-page checkout module to keep track of your sales activity and improve customer engagement by tracking your abandoned carts.

3) Increases product sales by enhancing customer experience

The quicker a shopper can complete an order, the more likely they will buy items. A shorter checkout process leads to increased product sales and customer interaction. The one-page PrestaShop checkout module promotes your efforts to make the checkout process on your PrestaShop site easier to boost customer experience and product sales.

4) Eliminates page reload time and persuades the buyer to complete their purchase

Customers are more likely to abandon an online store if they have to reload the page numerous times during the checkout process. Frequent page reloads during the shopping experience detract from customer engagement, which reduces sales. You can maintain your clients engaged by keeping all checkout-related formalities in one location, and you may significantly increase product sales.

So, avoid complicating your chances of business growth and development with an unintuitive or lengthy checkout process, but take the first lead with a single-page PrestaShop checkout procedure. It’s definitely your chance to make the most of a one-page checkout process for an exciting eCommerce future ahead.

The final advice

If you are looking for a fast, easy, and streamlined checkout process for your PrestaShop store, look no further than the one-page checkout module.

This add-on is packed with features that will make the checkout process quick and easy for your customers. And don’t worry – as we described above, installing the module is a breeze.

Still, if you are stuck with some challenge or want to customize this module according to your unique business objectives, connect with our certified PrestaShop developer to help you ensure a seamless PrestaShop checkout process.

All the best.

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