How PrestaShop Took Over the eCommerce World in France?

prestashop in france

It is no secret that eCommerce has grown significantly in the past years. Its growth has been exponential and is only getting better from here. The Pandemic was a massive persuader as most people had to shop online.

According to the 2021 eCommerce report by the French Federation of eCommerce and Distance Selling (Fevad), eCommerce has grown by 15.1%, pushing France to the 2nd largest eCommerce market in Europe.

However, one of the foremost steps is to find an eCommerce platform that will work for your business model, current environment, and resources.

France is home to many great companies, including PrestaShop. The made-in-France success story started in 2007 in Paris, France, to provide the best eCommerce solution. Prestashop is an open-source eCommerce platform that grew quickly and became France’s most used eCommerce platform.

PrestaShop, the French eCommerce platform, has become the leader in France over the past decade.

The beginnings of PrestaShop in eCommerce

With more than 300 features, 3500 modules, templates, and a community with 500k members, PrestaShop is available worldwide in 60+ languages.

The French solution is being used on 300,000 websites worldwide, making it the most popular choice in Europe and Latin America. This tells us about its great popularity and why it is one of the best eCommerce platforms.

This French CMS has its usage distribution as follows:

  • France (34%)
  • Spain (19%)
  • Italy (11%)
  • Poland (10%)
  • United States (8%)
  • Iran (7%)
  • Germany (5%)
  • Greece (2%)
  • Romania (2%)
  • Chile (2%)

PrestaShop in France

Prestashop is used by 35% of all websites in France and is the most popular CMS for developing eCommerce websites. This is because of its ability to create a unique and interactive interface. It is widely acclaimed for its user-centered design, nifty features, templates, and modules.

If your business needs a Prestashop developer, France is an excellent location to hire from. The country has a strong pool of talented professionals with experience in the eCommerce platform. Prestashop was founded in France, 2007, and the company continues to have a significant presence there.

Many French businesses rely on Prestashop for online operations, creating demand for skilled developers. Hiring a Prestashop developer in France can benefit your business if you’re looking for someone to handle maintenance, updates, or assist with a major project.

Renowned France-based Organizations using PrestaShop

  • La Poste, a French postal service company.
  • Groupe Avril, Oil, Gas, and Chemicals organization with 7600 employees and revenues of $6.90 billion.
  • Supermarché Match, a Retail organization with 5000 employees and revenues of $1.00 billion.
  • Chausson Matériaux, Healthcare organization with 3800 employees and revenues of $900.0 million.

Wrapping Up

After a closer look at the facts and figures, it is clear that PrestaShop has a solid grip on the French eCommerce market.

PrestaShop offers merchants a wide range of features and options for setting up their online stores. It’s also very user-friendly. Additionally, it is free to use, making it an attractive option for small business owners looking to get started in online retailing.

Clearly, it has enormous potential and is a highly reliable eCommerce platform for growing online businesses.

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