PrestaShop – The Ideal eCommerce Solution

As far as online shopping and business are concerned, eCommerce is the current buzzword. With a minimum investment, depending on your business needs, you can get started with selling online.

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To achieve success and monetary profit, it is very imperative that the online store does not lag behind in any aspect and provides the online shopper or the customer the best shopping experience. To make this happen, the quality and calibre of the chosen eCommerce platform are supreme. Even though there are many platforms that have shaped and positioned e-Commerce, PrestaShop brilliantly stands out from the crowd. Acquainted with features needed to make online selling your thing, PrestaShop leaves no room for doubt. Helping you retain customers and boost sales, it proves to be the shining star.

Wondering how and why?

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about PrestaShop Development – things that are the perfect answer to why and how.

Easy Usability
Usability is one of the driving forces that make PrestaShop one of the well-known eCommerce platforms.

The first and the foremost factor required to analyze any eCommerce is the level of usability. Here, PrestaShop scores very high. This is because it doesn’t require any technical skills for installation and set up. It is as simple as downloading add-ons and installing them – you are all covered.

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Furthermore, a little effort to dig deep into the source code will go a long way in churning out a unique online. In this manner, you can integrate these add-ons of Prestashop into any of your online businesses in a hassle-free manner.

Manifold Themes And Templates
PrestaShop lets you avail innumerable themes and templates best-suited for an online store. Along with a huge number of storefront enhancements for the front-end design of your store, it has a wide category of extensions including advanced modules, premium responsive templates, beautiful themes, top-end admin functionality, search engine optimization, secure transactions, ordering and even filters. Thus you can have an online store with easy navigation, easy ordering, complete product information, product images, social media plug-ins and much more.

Search Engine Optimization
Being optimized for various search engines like Google and Yahoo, PrestaShop offers features like keyword tags, meta information for products and categories, customized URLs, which allows you in reaching a wider audience across the globe. By creating dedicated URL for each product, it provides Google site-map, auto generated site-map, automatic robot.txt files,.htaccess files and W3C Compliant.

Mobile Friendly
The eCommerce platform – PrestaShop is highly mobile-friendly and helps you to stay close/in contact with your customers everywhere, everytime. Its default template comes with a built-in mobile-optimized shopping cart due to which the store works efficiently on all mobile devices. The huge collection of PrestaShop Store templates for your data and specifications, along with sliding panels and standees for distinctive products and offers ensures mobile device compatibility.

This, in turn, helps in boosting your sales and enhances customer engagement. Moreover, the User Interface and the Admin can be managed through mobile, thus giving your customers the finest mobile checkout experience every time they shop.

Supreme Back-End Management
The feature set for back-end management in PrestaShop is highly impressive and is integrated with all the major payment getaways and carriers such as UPS, FedEx and USPS.

Additionally, the backend dashboard constitutes of maximum store management statistics and tools with minimal text; the dashboard includes tools for easy management and setting up of the catalogue; the settings on the dashboard are well-laid out, intuitive to use, stat driven, graphs and counters centric and above all professional.

The in-depth explanation of it’s capabilities bestows you with umpteen bright spots helpful in illuminating your online store. Using PrestaShop, not only brings you ample opportunities but leads to the fulfillment of business goals as well. From start-ups to large-scale enterprises, PrestaShop development holds the capability to cater even the most stringent of eCommerce needs.

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