PrestaShop Complementary Product Add Module to Spruce up the Sale

According to my experience, one of the best ways to increase your sales is to suggest complementary products to your customers. This usually helps you getting more number of products sell at one go. I would like to share the details of one of the PrestaShop module that I recently created to help one of my clients to display complementary products.

By integrating the module, the store owner has the flexibility to add complementary items to a product. You can add as many as products you like. The products that will fall under similar group will be displayed together. On visiting the product description page, apart from the product details users will be provided with the complementary options too. For example in the picture given below, the Hilt Grip refers to a group while the Hilt grip(+2,00 € ) is a product that falls under that group.

Prestashop Developer

In the admin section, you’ll find the complementary group and complementary product under the catalog section. You can add, delete and edit the elements from these tabs.

Prestashop development

Adding Complementary Products:
When you click on any product on the backend, you’ll be provided a tab called complementary products. On clicking the tab, two sections will be displayed one with the available complementary products and the other with the selected complementary products. You can add and remove the elements from their as per your choice.

prestashop module development

The module is easy to integrate and the functionality is also super easy, within few minutes my client got started with it. And the results are quite impressive, with customers usually purchasing up more than one product.

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If you’re interested to get such a module for your PrestaShop store then contact me. It is a great way to increase the profit and I suggest store owners should go for it.

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