PrestaShop Checkout – The Brand New Payment Solution


Anyone from the mobile and app development industry must be well-acquainted with PrestaShop and its power.

Well, I used the word power because this platform leaves no stone unturned to offer seamless services to its customers. Following the tradition, the PrestaShop community has joined hands with PayPal, one of the most trusted payment platforms. The reason behind is completely evident – to make way for simpler and securer payments.

Without wasting any time, let’s get straight to the benefits of this new solution i.e.

PrestaShop Checkout


100% Secure
Allowing you to securely accept all types of payments, credit cards, PayPal, various applications and local payment methods, PrestaShop Checkout is the new kid in the eCommerce market.

With PayPal, you benefit from reliable, 100% secure (3D Secure 2) technology, including anti-fraud detection rules management system that blocks transactions with a high-risk score. For instance, if a card is used internationally for the first time, while it was used in another country the night before, the transaction will be blocked. Several rules and machine learning are nourishing these rules for enhanced protection.

Soon, within September, PayPal will provide merchants with a dashboard that will drive these rules. This tool will give them the ability to activate custom rules, create new ones or disable others with personalized advice, based on their experience with frauds.

Further, new transaction protection measures have been introduced which require double-checking the identity of the buyers. During payment transactions, verification with at least 2 of the following will be requested:

  • An item that only the buyer knows (password, code, etc.)
  • An item that only the buyer owns (mobile phone, smart card, etc.)
  • A personal characteristic of the buyer (fingerprint, voice recognition, etc.)

Conversion Rate Booster
PrestaShop Checkout follows a number of optimized rules that have a direct impact on your store’s conversion:

Purchasing funnel: In order to streamline the steps that might result in cart abandonment, the purchasing funnel is simplified. Special thanks to the PayPal purchasing process which appears as a pop-up on the same page, so no more redirection to another page during payment. Further, pre-filling or less information for payment by credit card also helps in boosting conversion.

Common means of payment: most of the conversion are lost due to lack of payment methods. By offering your customers common means of payment, including the most popular solutions, you can reduce the risk of incomplete purchases.

Innovative Payment Experience
Another great benefit that PrestaShop checkout brings is the ease to manage and monitor all store transactions. You benefit from centralized management of your payment flow in a single module integrated into your administration interface, whatever the means of payment be: Visa or Mastercard cards, PayPal or any other local payment methods, all this at a commission rate among the lowest on the market.

Thus, it is a scalable solution, which with regular optimization and updates, can enhance your online business while providing a pleasant shopping experience to your customers.

Last but certainly not least,

The USPs of PrestaShop Checkout

  • Free and easy activation
  • An optimized payment solution for all devices including desktop, mobile & tablet.
  • Strong and secure protection for each transaction.
  • Compatible with all PrestaShop 1.7 versions.

Well, it’s time for you to experience the solution and offer secure shopping for your customers.

Still not sure?

This might help you learn big as well as grow big.

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