PrestaShop 1.7: A Great Platform For Continued Digital Commerce Growth


PrestaShop was launched in 2007, and the platform has supported the eCommerce needs of almost 250,000 active stores across nearly 190 countries. This platform’s concept is based on the localization and to develop highly versatile eCommerce stores for mid-sized to large online companies.

PrestaShop Upgarde 1.7
Moreover, it will help you to churn out your eCommerce portal in more than 65 global languages. This platform provides a universal approach that can be expanded to suit big corporations and medium-sized enterprises alike. The eCommerce owners who are already on PrestaShop must consider an update from version 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7. This PrestaShop upgrade will help make the customer’s shopping experience better, provide new architecture, and simplify checkout options.

What Is the Buzz About PrestaShop 1.7?
The latest version of PrestaShop 1.7 was released in December 2018, and it is now on the version that provides stability to the eCommerce store owners and provides significant security fixes. This is a ‘patch upgrade’ over the PrestaShop version, and this latest version can work seamlessly and offers great plug-ins and themes.

The online store owners thinking about switching to an open-source platform face a dilemma on what to choose? Even the existing PrestaShop owners are still sceptical on why they should select PrestaShop 1.7. So, let us take a sneak peek at why mid-sized to large corporations must go for this updated version of Prestashop.

Create IP-Based eCommerce Shop: IP-Based shops are the places to view the items, pricing, and discounts. It depends on the position you choose. This platform lets online retailers sell their products and services in varied countries because it provides 65 different languages. This IP-based feature makes PrestaShop the right choice for the eCommerce owners who want to make the change.

More Secured: The PrestaShop 1.7 version is entirely secured, and its architecture is updated to strengthen this platform. This version can manage thousands of products and heavy traffic too. It can be integrated seamlessly with Symfony 3, follows the latest regulations, provides security measures, and it’s a GDPR-compliant software.

Provides Multiple Payment Gateways: It is necessary to make purchases faster, seamless, and secure to help your customers stay with your brand. The best thing about this updated version is it offers multiple payment gateways like First Data, PayPal for US and Canada, BlueSnap, WorldPay, Amazon Pay, etc., along with security.

Excellent Stability: This PrestaShop 1.7 version is stable and has no bugs, unlike its previous versions. Moreover, this version has also passed unit tests, end-to-end tests, and integration tests.

ECommerce in 2021 has taken a new leap, with open-source platforms undergoing drastic tests and changes to match the level of today’s digital evolution. PrestaShop 1.7 has emerged as a reliable and robust platform with a wide range of themes and modules available for eCommerce business owners. The eCommerce store owners can hire a PrestaShop developer for a new online platform or PrestaShop Upgrade. An experienced PrestaShop developer will be cost-effective and help you to strike the market quickly.

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