Points to Ponder Before Hiring PrestaShop Certified Developers

In this contemporary world, setting up a business on an online platform has become too quick and a simple process these days. If you are also among those who dream to start their own business and want to launch an eCommerce business then read on.

PrestaShop is a complete eCommerce platform that helps turn your dream into reality. It is a shopping cart software that promises a successful online store that too without shelling too much from your pocket. And if you have a technical knowledge and skills then you don’t need to spend a single penny in Developing PrestaShop based eCommerce store. But if you do not have any technical know-how then you need to hire a proficient developer who have perfection in PrestaShop based development.

Now, if you are in a dilemma that how to choose the best developer from the crowd then worry no more? For, in today’s blog, we have compiled some standard points that would guide you in choosing the best from the available choices.

Before we proceed, let’s have a look at the situations in which you need a helping hand to enhance your PrestaShop-based store.

Why you should hire a certified Prestashop developer?

Generally, basic development including Content Management System (CMS) is an easy to manage affair or a person with some level of technical know-how. However, at certain points during development some issues may arise which can only be handled by an effecient PrestaShop Developer

Are you looking fo a certified
Developer for your project?

Below are a few of the situations where you will need a certified PrestaShop Developer:

For arrangement of the page elements on your PrestaShop store in an synchronized order So that every function shall work as expected.
During an unsuccessful update that had caused an error in the functionality of the store. In such a situation only an expert developer can track and rectify the error.
When your site is facing problem in loading and the visitor is unable to view your store or is being redirected continuously to the login page.
Problems faced due to browser incompatibility causing the theme of your store being displayed ineffectively and functions not working properly.

These are a few of the issues for which you will need assistance of an expert developer. Now, we will discuss some basic points to be considered before hiring a PrestaShop certified developer.

Check-List for hiring PrestaShop certified developers:

✔ Simplicity is the key:
Keep the design simple and effective. Remember it is better to have a simple font that offers a good readability then a complex or stylish font having poor readability. Refer to the previous projects of the developer you are planning to hire and observe the fonts and design used in the store.

✔ Can provide you Training:
Always choose a developer who has a lot of experience in working on PrestaShop and has proficiency in handling everything associated with it. The most important thing to notice is that developer you are willing to hire should provide support and training for post development maintenance.

✔ Can create different themes:
You must choose the developer who has the capability to work creatively in a dynamic environment and accept new ideas for creating and modifying different themes for your eCommerce store. This attitude of developer would help you to develop your eCommerce store as per your desire.

✔ Can rename URL’S and Meta Tags:
Developers who indulge in combining SEO components, and offer URL renaming and Meta Tags with the PrestaShop design, tend to include more productivity to your eCommerce store.

Prestashop development demands a lot in terms of development and design. An efficient developer acts as an extension of the development process and ensure an e-store that suits your need and pleases the user. We have listed a few of the points that should be considered while hiring a PrestaShop developer, there are numerous other options that too need due consideration. So, Do a little research before you go ahead with the design and development.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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