Personalization of PrestaShop Store and its Impact on Conversion

As a PrestaShop developer, I have noticed that sites that are made on personalized demands attract a lot of traffic and this helps them to boost the rate of conversion. The extent of customization is made possible with the coming of the data analytics that help the retailer to know the various behavior pattern of the customers and inscribed them on their stores. The most visible outcome of this is an improved customer relation and a growing conversion rate.

So, by giving a personalized structure of your store will definitely bring you more traffic. I will discuss here some of the tips from my experience as a Prestashop freelancer in India, which help every Prestashop owner to build their stores based on personalization:

  • Adding successful items’ list on the front page: In the front page of your store, you should add some of the items which made good business in the past few weeks. This helps you to show off the most successful items on your store and together encourage the visitors to take a sneak peek at what’s there inside in your store.
  • Adding best seller’s list on the category pages: Customers do not have enough time to browse page after page to find their preferred items on your store. It will be better if you put the best seller’s list on your site category pages. This helps the visitors to get a glimpse of your selection in each category.
  • Adding customer browsing history: The customer’s browsing history is a great way to know about their preferences. So, you can add this browsing history recommendation to your site, and that will help the visitors to discover relevant items before heading to a checkout. Even you can add them to search pages as well so that customers never forget what they want on your site.
  • Adding cart recommendations: A last minute purchase can make a huge difference to an online store. To encourage such activities, you should add cart recommendations to the cart page. This refers to the displaying of the highest relevant items to your store.

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What I need to say is that personalization helps retailers to provide their customers with relevant items throughout the buying process. This adds to the customer satisfaction and this matters a lot when it comes to retaining their loyalty in the long run. If you are looking to hire a Prestashop developer in India, make sure all these aspects are taken care of.

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