Payment Solutions for Your Prestashop Store


Are you looking for building an online e-store through Prestashop?

Prestashop is a multifaceted e-commerce solution providing all the components for developing an online store quickly and efficiently. It has an extensive library of supporting tools to help with your eCommerce stores creation, such as themes, templates, and various plugins for adding additional features to fit your business’s needs.

Besides the ease of forming an online store, payment processing, and payment gateways integration are also quick and safe. They are facilitated through Prestashop payment module development, making it easier for the eCommerce store owners to go online quickly and start processing orders.

prestashop payment module development

Setting up the payment solutions
A payment solution or gateway is an integral part of your online store, and choosing the right gateway contributes a lot to your business’s growth.

Wondering how?

It’s because the wrong gateway can slow down your site speed, which further leads to a decrease in conversion as no one likes slow navigation. A simple transaction and payment process converts traffic into customers, and more likely, the customer will give recurring visits to your e-store. While using Prestashop, you can use a payment gateway of your choice as Prestashop supports most of the payment gateways as an integral part of the software; however, if you want to use a new payment gateway, then you can still get it integrated with your Prestashop based eCommerce store by building a custom payment gateway plugin for your payment gateway.

What are the best payment gateways?
Here are some of the popular payment solutions for your Prestashop store.

Paypal is the most common and most significant gateway for international transactions. Currently working in over 200 countries, it is a well-recognized and trusted payment gateway. Its highly responsive design makes it a smooth gateway when paying through both mobile and desktop. Paypal is liked by the customer and should be added as an option to every eCommerce store.

Worldpay enables your business to accept payment in more than 120 currencies. Integrating it into your online store is quick, and it helps in your business’s immense growth. Worldpay processes 26 million transactions every day. A unique feature of using Worldpay is that the payments can be split into three instalments without extra cost.

SagePay Go
This module facilitates payment solutions for e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. It provides peace of mind through its 24/7 customer service. Sagepay consists of versatile modes of payments to support all kinds of business models and ensures that no buyers bounce away for the lack of convenience.

Skrill is a very robust payment gateway used by a significant number of merchants. The setting up process is very easy for business owners. At the same time, it offers many conveniences to the buyers as well – such as the facility to make a payment without creating an account.

No matter which payment gateway you opt for, we offer a Prestashop payment module development facility. We help you pick the best payment solutions for your eCommerce store and integrate them into your eCommerce Store.

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