Impact of Corona Virus on eCommerce Businesses



COVID-19 has certainly impacted the ecommerce business over past few months.

While many countries including UK, Italy and India have declared complete lockdown to follow social distancing measures, workers in these countries have been asked to work from home.

Unsurprisingly, many businesses have to shut their offline operations during this period and be forced to adopt eCommerce as an alternative to continue making enough sales.

Despite a huge decrease in the Global economy, there is still an area of business that is keeping the economies afloat and that is the eCommerce segment.

So how exactly eCommerce trend is uplifting the economies and saving people from drowning into losses? And how it will be seen in the long term?

Let’s Understand the Impact of Corona Virus on eCommerce Business with the Help of Statistics!

Before the official lockdown, nearly half of the internet users in USA and UK were avoiding shopping from malls or physical stores.

The overall interest in online shopping has started to grow from March beginning right after the global spread of this pandemic. And now, as multiple states are being quarantined, there’s no sign of this interest going down any time soon.

Looking over the current situation where people try not to leave their houses for shopping groceries or any home essentials, online shopping is the only way left to get everything delivered right at their doorsteps.

However, the eCommerce industry is quite huge, and people have a vast variety of products to sell online, let’s find out which products are seeing a rise in the demand –

  • Physical Products – Food & Drinks, Building Materials, Home Essentials and Pharmacy.
  • Online Services – Online Learning and Training Courses, Study Material Deliveries, Webinars etc.
  • Digital Products – Streaming, Games, Podcasts, Music, eBooks, Tutorials and more.

According to the interests shown by people, many businessowners in USA & UK think that they could raise their sales by 75% during quarantine as people are spending most of their time online. But due to the closed supply chains, they couldn’t make it.

PrestaShop Store Initiatives to Streamline Your Online Operations

If you’re planning to take your business online and looking for the ways to make it fast-forward, choosing Prestashop store can be a big help!

Prestashop is a platform and tool to develop your eCommerce Website in minutes! With lots of fascinating themes and features, you can get your own eCommerce store to continue selling your products and services during quarantine.

  •  Learn new ways to grow your business online from the latest tutorials, events and webinars by PrestaShop experts.
  • Maintain your activities on the eCommerce Segment with daily real-time insights and proposed tips by Prestashop experts.
  • To help you make the most of quarantine time, PrestaShop has launched a large number of modules that come up with Flat 30% discount.

Apart from this, Prestashop has made it accessible for all newbies to learn how they can start their online business with the help of Prestashop experts and essentials to build an engaging website with introducing 40% discount.

If you’re planning to start your own online business or need any help in revamping the old one, we can help!

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