How to Make Pop-Ups Less Annoying and More Effective

Ever since their emergence, pop-ups have been seen as nothing more than a nuisance. This might be because of the fact that they are used to bombard the visitors each time they visit a website. But is this what they do or do they serve some other purpose as well?

Well, the graph below says it all.

Yes, that’s absolutely right. Pop-ups, when done in the right way, reap great benefits. The challenge is to use pop-ups in a way that doesn’t ruin the user experience instead enhances it. For example, if a pop-up appears just once for each visitor through the use of cookies, it is much more likely to yield better results.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways to use popups to boost your conversions without destroying the user experience of your site.

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Say No To Entry Pop-Ups

The worst way to annoy your customers straight off the front foot is to shove a pop up in their face as they enter your site. A customer needs to get a look and essentially a feel for your site before they should be encouraged to make any commitments. The face up pop-up can defer them away from your site and possibly never to return.

As an alternative to entry pop-ups, you should consider using exit pop-ups. It is a phenomenal way to turn an otherwise negative thing (leaving your site) into a positive thing When it seems that a visitor is about to leave the site, these pop-ups can show up to encourage the visitors to stay connected with the website or make a purchase.

Consider the example.

Entry Pop-Ups

Visitor Type Based Targeting

Each visitor visits your website from different sources and has varying needs. This means each person will respond in a different manner to your marketing messages.

One way is to personalize the pop-up based on the referral source. Yes, you cannot know the preferences of each and every visitor but can form segments based on the user type. Further, you can make use of referrer detection technology to know the domain of the visitor use that information to customize your pop-ups.

Offer Valuable and Relevant Content

Another reason people have nurtured hate for pop-ups is that many of them do not contain any valuable or relevant content. As a matter of fact, pop-ups with relevant information are considered helpful and are liked by visitors.

According to Sumo, unclear headline and offers sink your conversion rates.

If the content helps the visitor solve their problem, find the right solution, or get answers to their questions, the pop-up won’t be perceived as annoying. Instead, it will be seen as helpful, or at least as intending to help, not disturb.

Another way to do this is by using it as an extra navigation tool: meaning rather than promoting an offer or subscription, you can use the pop-up to redirect traffic. Forwarding visitors to your best-performing content can help boost your conversion rate and provide a better user experience at the same time.

Here’s a good example.

pop-up to redirect traffic

Don’t Miss out On A/B Testing

Testing never goes in vain!

Want to know which pop-ups are helpful and which are hampering your site? A/B testing is the way. Using A/B testing, you’ll be able to figure out which messages and design elements work, what should be removed and what should stay.

For instance, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph has used A/B testing to fine-tune their pop-up campaign. Once they knew which pop-up was favored by their visitors, they could remove the poor performing pop-ups and see greater conversions overall.

Converting website visitors into customers is a process that requires enormous efforts and patience. Fortunately or unfortunately, there are innumerable ways to do this. You just need to pick the best and do it in the right way. Same goes for pop-ups.

Usually considered as annoying, pop-ups, when implemented in the right way, can drive conversions beyond expectations. From valuable content to the right timing to targeting the right audience, you need to consider some major factors before you indulge in the game.

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