How to choose the right payment option for your PrestaShop store?

eCommerce has turned out to be a modern and upcoming way of selling products without the hassle of managing a real shop. Just setup your virtual store on the web and you’re ready to churn out money. But like any other business, the most important issue is how to receive payment from the consumers in a convenient and secure manner. Working with small and large businesses across the world, I have pretty made it out that Payment Processing is one of the crucial tasks of the eCommerce business. When people come to me regarding the PrestaShop development, there are usually worried about the payment process. These queries fueled me to write this blog, where I would love to share the various modes of receiving payment:
Choose the right Payment Service Provider


  • Credit Card: It is one of the most popular for of electronic money that is used worldwide. You can even provide the opportunity to users to save the credit card number so they don’t need to type it over again when making a transaction.
  • Debit Card: The debit card provides the opportunity to the users to make a purchase until and unless they have the specified amount in their account. Therefore many individuals love to pay through their debit cards too.
  • Cash On Delivery: Cash On Delivery is a great way to increase user engagement on your PrestaShop store. There are still several people who hesitate to use the online payment mode or don’t want to make a purchase in advance. Sites that offer Cash On Delivery options perform better comparatively to the ones who don’t offer.
  • Net Banking: Using Net Banking helps users to make an online transaction without the need of any electronic card. People just need to remember the Net banking id and password and they can make purchase anywhere anytime.
  • Mobile Money: As the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly, Mobile Money is turning out to be a relatively popular option. The money is deducted from the prepaid balance of the user or added to the bill of the postpaid connection.
  • Reward Points: The reward points are gifted to any individual when any purchase is made. These accumulated rewards points then can be used in future to buy goods. By providing reward points, you engage customers to coming back to your store.
  • Gift Cards: With things getting virtual day by day, now there is even a way to gift money to the loved ones. Users can buy a gift card and then send it to their friends and family. The receiver can then make purchases through these prepaid cards.

    Your aim should be to go for Payment Gateway Integration to your PrestaShop store which offers maximum options to you. In case you’re having any trouble selecting the Payment Service Provider, then contact me. I’ll be happy to assist you.

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