Some Hot eCommerce trends that will sustain for long

Being a Prestashop developer, I delved into various eCommerce design trends before creating sites for my clients. I found some of the trends quite appealing which I am sure will contribute substantially to the web pages I will develop. Knowing that, this web design industry is highly volatile, I might take a risk on investing any trend. As a developer, I need to experiment with anything comes my way and adapt to new technologies like HTML5, CSS3 to bring efficiency in any design.

Let me tell you some of the hottest eCommerce trends that I feel, are good enough to sustain, in the long run-

  • My idea of a perfect eCommerce site is one with minimum features. I support the trend of having a clean and minimal site. With simple text and features, it will never divert the attention of my customers and thus they will be able to read the content properly.
  • Next I advocate the trend of having bigger images and fonts for eCommerce site to catch the visitor’s attention. This is one of the popular trends in web design that help visitors to remember products and services on a site.
  • One more trend I like to talk about is the pixel perfect design. I want everything on my client’s site to be reflected properly and my focus will be on high-resolution designs in the toolbars, menus, and buttons. This way, my site will look great and customers will enjoy searching information.
  • The horizontal design is something time appropriate, as with the coming of touch screen devices, users can easily scroll a page without any effort. I look forward to including it in my Prestashop store development to give users a smooth navigation.

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Trends can be never permanent and this is a truth. What is important is to get benefits by choosing the right trends and incorporating a few creative elements into it.

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