Festive Season and Special Occasions – Best Time for eCommerce

The ecommerce industry has seen a paradigm shift in the last few years under the e-revolution that has completely transformed everything that came its way. The biggest and recent ones to gain from this e-revolution are the recent ecommerce business stores. According to Flipkart, 2013 witnessed as high as 80% increase in the ecommerce business in India. This not only reflects the prospects that the ecommerce industry offers but also that the buyers in India have now adapted to the concept of online shopping and have shed their “cant-touch-won’t-buy” approach.

Xmas time

Recent times has already witnessed a lot of strategies being adopted by many estores to woo the customers and provide better service at a competitive price. Many eccommerce giants like Amazon, eBay, Myntra and zovi among many other were seen following the trend of giving exciting offers and deals on special occasions to extending their reach and popularity among the buyers.

However, with a large number of ecommerce stores emerging, it has already created a cut-throat competition and this situation is bound to aggravate further. The only way then to survive and supersede your competitors is by smart and meticulous promotion. So, let’s have a look, as to what all you can do to lure in more customers, profit from this enormous pool of interest and have an everlasting impression among the buyers.

Festive Season – Opportunity To Cash-On Big Time

Who doesn’t love the festive seasons. It is a time when happiness is in the air , people are at their best behaviour and are looking to gift their near and dear ones. In such a time if you can offer deals with good benefits and a good discount, you are bound to cash-in real time. According to a survey an average US holiday shopper is expected to spend over $800, of which approximately 73% percent will be in gifts. Beside, there are certain festivals in India,where there is a tradition of buying gold as it is considered auspicious. Festivals then are a time to celebration for buyers as well as sellers.

Special Occasions

Feeling excited? Well there’s more. Besides festivals there are certain special occasions like valentine that comes with a blessing for the online businesses. Many estores roll out special offers attracting love birds. Offers may include move tickets for couples, discounts on couple purchases and so on. Further, store owners can also add some colours or props to their estore that gives user the feel of the occasion.

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Online businesses have many advantages that a conventional brick-mortar store can’t afford. Unlike conventional stores, online eCommerce stores are free to experiment with their looks and design at a very minimal cost. Changing the theme of the store to suit the a festive or holiday season or making a cupid appear while adding items to the cart or finalising the order on valentine’s are some of the suggestions. So, let your creative streak run loose and take full advantage of the coming opportunities to rake in some big moolah. Celebrate and be a reason for someone’s happiness.

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