Everything You Need To Know About PrestaShop

From a safety pin to an apartment, astonishingly, everything can be now bought online. All thanks to wonderful eCommerce development platforms like PrestaShop.

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PrestaShop, a name often said and heard, has been cutting through all the noises in the eCommerce world. Comprising of diverse capacities, 300+ dynamic features, 25,000+ plugins and innumerable themes, PrestaShop has achieved wide notoriety among eCommerce site proprietors. Further, as stated in Wikipedia, it is owned by 2,50,000 shop owners worldwide. Initially, it was available in two languages, English and French, but today it is made available in 60 versatile languages. This is further enhanced by expert PrestaShop developers – who develop feature-rich websites and help you build your brand value, earn loyal customers and boost sales.

Right now you might not be in the state of making any decision regarding PrestaShop development. No worries. This article is meant to erase such confusions and provide a clear picture.

Let’s start with a list of PrestaShop features:

  • Powerful Set of Integrations
  • eCommerce SEO
  • Integrated Customer Service Tools
  • Customizable Themes
  • Shipping Configuration & Partnerships
  • Over 50 Payment Solutions & Gateways
  • Quick Install Features
  • Designer Guide
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Seamless Customer Checkout
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Configurable Tax Rules
  • eCommerce Analytics and much more

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Aren’t these too much to ask from a single platform?

These justify the numbers above and show the intensity of the platform. Indubitably, all these features are ought to bring a pool of benefits- once put into use. In other words, using PrestaShop with its significant features will certainly prove beneficial for you and your business. Yes, this is what we are going to talk next.

The Benefits of PrestaShop Development-

PrestaShop is completely free, which helps you in saving immensely on the cost, especially if you are working on a tight budget. Unlike other tools, PrestaShop doesn’t have a premium version. Hence, you will be able to access all the features and functionalities without spending a single penny.

You can choose from over 2000+ mobile responsive themes that have been designed to match your needs. These cross-platform templates boost your market presence and help you earn profits and sales. In case, you don’t like any, you could even build one from scratch based on your needs.

Who doesn’t want their online store to stand out? Surely no one. This is where PrestaShop wins over other eCommerce development platforms. Its 25000+ plugins allow in achieving and embedding the desired functionalities.

PrestaShop is extremely lightweight and doesn’t require you to invest in huge servers and premium hosting plans to manage your website. In fact, stores powered by PrestaShop can run on the same servers using the same hosting plans similar to an average website.

The codes generated by PrestaShop are extremely search engine friendly, which, in turn, help in boosting the overall SEO score and earn higher ranks on the SERP. You can have complete control over the URLs, page titles, description etc., thus, making it easy for you to optimize individual product pages.

Apart from this, PrestaShop brings a lot more. You can always contact PrestaShop developer to know what it has in store for your business. Either way, you can get acquainted with some exciting features, ways and strategies.

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We hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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