6 biggest reasons to hire dedicated PrestaShop developer

hire dedicated PrestaShop developer

Just imagine! You have an eCommerce website idea. It’s unique, authentic, and has all the potential to go success.

But, you need someone to work on it. Not an average freelancer, or a ‘Jack of all trades’ eCommerce development agency. But, a professional, who can see your idea as it is theirs.

Someone who listens to you. Understands your project concept. Maintains privacy, and has the skills to meet your requirements just how you want.

Sounds impossible? Not so anymore.

This is exactly where a dedicated PrestaShop developer comes in.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

What is a dedicated PrestaShop developer?

To understand the meaning of a dedicated PrestaShop developer, it is mandatory to first understand the DTM (Dedicated Team Model).

As the name suggests, ‘dedicated’ means a team will give their time and entire focus on one single project and client. They will provide a specialized team of software developers, project managers, designers, and QA engineers to work for a specific client.

Subscribing to a dedicated engagement model assures you get absolute attention from the agency. The quality of the project is increased. Chances of errors and subdues are reduced. The project is completed and deployed on time. And, the precision in terms of design, features, and development, can be expected.

When you hire a dedicated PrestaShop developer for your eCommerce project, you are much more likely to build your webshop just as you imagined it. You can engage directly with your professional. Discuss, and request them what exact features and functionalities you want in your custom PrestaShop project.

When should you hire a dedicated PrestaShop developer for your eCommerce project?

Hiring a dedicated resource costs a little higher than other engagement models. It is important to know when you should invest in it. We don’t want you to waste your hard-earned money. Hence, our team has prepared this checklist for you to see if you actually require a dedicated developer.

You should hire a dedicated PrestaShop developer:-

✔ When you wish to keep your responsibilities minimum.
✔ When you have a defined budget.
✔ When you have a fixed timeline to meet.
✔ When you want highly experienced professionals.
✔ When you want flexibility.
✔ When you expect high-precision in design, features, and other aspects of your product.
✔ When you know there could be ongoing modifications and changes during the project.

Benefits of hiring a dedicated PrestaShop developer for your business

1) Authenticity of PrestaShop Inc.

Hiring a PrestaShop developer is not as easy as it seems. You can not hire anyone who says they are a PrestaShop developer and know the platform inside-out until there is proof of it. A genuine PrestaShop developer is tested by PrestaShop Inc itself. And to verify that, you need to ask for a certification.

Yes, PrestaShop has a certification test that assures the individual has a sound understanding of PrestaShop, programming languages associated with it, and other necessary eCommerce development aspects. When you hire a dedicated developer from an agency, you are provided certified professional. This means that this individual is proven to help you with anything related to PrestaShop.

2) Skills & Expertise

Skills are everything. They are the most crucial factor we should look at when hiring a professional. A dedicated PrestaShop developer is skilled and trained. Not just do they know PrestaShop CMS, and its built-in options, but other programming technologies to empower their PrestaShop solutions, such as HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, and JavaScript.

A dedicated PrestaShop expert knows how to customize a PrestaShop theme and make it more responsive. They also understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization. You can expect them to keep your webshop user-friendly, so it loads fast, feels smooth, and ranks higher on search engine results pages.

Although PrestaShop offers thousands of free plugins and extensions, a dedicated Presta developer can help you with that too. They can design customized modules for your business. You can use them to automate your regular processes and be more efficient to beat the completion.

Are you looking fo a certified
Developer for your project?

3) Commitment

Building a PrestaShop is good, but you can’t ignore marketing. And, to get started with your marketing campaigns, you need to have a deployment date. We often receive clients who want to launch their PrestaShop around Christmas. So, we advise them to hire a dedicated PrestaShop programmer from our team.

A dedicated PrestaShop engineer will work on your project the day you approve the roadmap. There will be no delays, no pauses. Your developer will work with 100% focus on your project until it’s complete. This ensures on-time project delivery, so you can plan your marketing campaigns accordingly. A dedicated developer also helps you post project completion. They stay in touch for up to 30 days to keep your PrestaShop optimized and functioning properly.

4) Transparency

Workflow transparency is one of the hardest things to find in today’s digital world. Companies usually feel insecure about their project concept and the team working on that. It is evident to feel anxious that you are paying for something that is actually being done, and not just copied from some other project.

Well, when you hire a dedicated PrestaShop expert, there’s no challenge like this. You can expect 100% workflow transparency. For example, in our agency, we use professional tools. Basecamp, Trello boards, Slack, and Skype to manage and communicate throughout the project.

These tools are shared with the client so they can easily collaborate and communicate with their dedicated team. In fact, we also appoint a project manager who bridges the gap, ensures transparency, and keeps the client updated regularly via real-time work reports, project status, what’s being done today, what’s scheduled for tomorrow, and so on.

5) Cost efficiency

Hiring a dedicated developer does save your business a lot of costs. You wouldn’t need to worry about your developer’s payrolls, liabilities, medical coverages, pensions, and other similar expenses. You wouldn’t need to meet your developers’ infra-related requirements. It is all on to the agency to do that.

Besides, you wouldn’t even need to take the subscription of tools to communicate and collaborate with your offshore development team. A dedicated developer comes with everything included in your package. From tools and technologies to maintenance and support. It has been analyzed that hiring a dedicated PrestaShop developer does ensure cost-efficiency.

6) Precision

There are more than a million eCommerce stores out there. Each is trying to be the best. However, experts say that to stand out, you need a distinct factor. Something that separates you from everyone else. That’s exactly where precision does the magic. Your unique project idea can only be unique if your PrestaShop developer also understands it, and help you bring it to reality.

This is the benefit of hiring a dedicated PrestaShop developer. They will take time to understand your project concept. The motive behind it. Your brand, and what makes your services unique. Then, they will create a completely unique presence in your PrestaShop store. Everything from theme to features will be designed precisely as per your requirements. And, when it is done just how you asked, you are much more likely to succeed.

Closing thoughts

If you’re looking for a PrestaShop developer, we would be happy to put you in touch with one of our talented experts.

We have a team of dedicated PrestaShop experts who can help you take your online store to the next level. We are certified, experienced, and skilled.

Contact us today and let us know what kind of development assistance you need – we’re sure our team can help!

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