PrestaShop is one of the most powerful eCommerce development platforms which helps you win the tricky game of online shopping.

This open-source eCommerce solution currently powers some of the most popular and successful online shopping sites. Fast, reliable and easy to use; PrestaShop comes handy to developers like me who focus on creating high-end eCommerce solutions. No monthly fees, no tricky installations, just a spend a few minutes and you’re ready to shoot. Being one of the highly-secured platforms, PrestaShop helps users to have peace of mind when they are shopping. To know more about PrestaShop click here.

It’s open-source and completely free to use.

There is no need to pay for using PrestaShop, its available for free. Moreover, a very thriving online community is always present for your help. 

Security is what you’ll always find here

PrestaShop comes with the best security features to ensure data protection. In order to minimize the chances of misuse, passwords and cookies are encrypted here.

Payment Providers as per your choice

Developers can override PrestaShop’s core functionality which remains intact even after a software update. It also offers freedom to overwrite modules and controllers.

Override the core functionality as per requirements

Developers can override Prestashop’s core functionality which remains there even after you update the software. Freedom to overwrite modules and controllers too.

Benefits of opting for Prestashop Services

PrestaShop has strongly emerged as a reliable shopping cart software amidst the stiff competition. There are several benefits of opting for PrestShop services which includes better catalog management, site management, customer log-in management, improved SEO process, engaging product display, fast processing and more. This makes PrestaShop one of the most preferred choice of the online store owners around the world. The shopping cart is currently powering more than 230,000 stores with a highly positive feedback both from customers and store administrators.

Here are some of the benefits of PrestaShop that you might not be aware of:

  • Cross selling and up selling features
  • Can set up employee accounts with limited privileges
  • Over 2000+ professional templates
  • Very light weighted so no huge servers are required to run it
  • Multilingual feature
  • SEO friendly