eCommerce developer with a passion for PrestaShop

My interest in web development stemmed from my passion with which I sat in front of the computer, playing games for endless hours. During my early teen years, I was clear that this was going to be my career choice. So, after four years of technical study, I dedicated myself completely to the amazing world of web development.

One fine day my manager arranged a meeting and suggested me to work on a PrestaShop project. The technology was new but I found it interesting and learned it swiftly. Today, after 5 years of my strong connection with PrestaShop, my portfolio consists of around 100+ stores and 150+ extensions. I have an undying passion for this Shopping Cart Software which seems to just grow each passing day. I’ve got a PrestaShop certification that further endorses my skills to the world.

Amazing Problem Solving Skills Providing Worry-Free Shopping Experience

I see the development of every store as a task to eradicate the problems which users are currently facing during online shopping. My Prestashop stores are a symbol of my problem-solving nature.

Strong Business Perspective For a Higher ROI

I believe if a store cannot earn then it’s beauty and functionality is of no use. Therefore, while providing eCommerce solutions I strictly take into consideration business, growth and revenue.

Technologically Proficient and Up-to-date

This is a world of cut-throat competition, if you’re not up-to-date you’re out of the race. I keep myself in synchronization with the latest developments in Prestashop to render effective solutions. My current focus is on Prestashop 1.6.

Ready To Take The Risk Of Trying Something New

I love working with people who have the courage to break the rules and go ahead. I am always hungry to grab new opportunities, test my limits and challenge myself.

Why hire me?

I am aware of the hundreds of other PrestaShop web developers available in the market, but the quality and professionalism you get here are distinguished. With over five years of experience, I aim to provide the best that PrestaShop can offer.

  •  Five years of experience
  •  Certified Prestashop web developer
  •  Out-of-box solutions
  •  Good communication skills

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If you’re looking for a freelance PrestaShop web developer who is professional, experienced and cool minded at the same time, then you are at the right place. eCommerce development is my passion and I would leave no stone unturned in creating a high-end store for you.

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