eCommerce developer with a passion for PrestaShop

My interest in web development stemmed from my passion with which I sat in front of computer, playing games for endless hours. During my early teen years, I was clear that this was going to be my career choice. So, after four years of technical study, I dedicated myself completely to the amazing world of web development.

One fine day my manager called me up in his cabin and suggested me to work on a PrestaShop project. The technology was new but I found it interesting and learned it swiftly. Today, after 5 years of my strong connection with PrestaShop, my portfolio consists of around 100+ stores and 150+ extensions. I have an undying passion for this Shopping Cart Software which seems to just grow each day. I’ve even got a certification from PrestaShop that further endorses my skills to the world.

Amazing Problem Solving Skills Providing Worry-Free Shopping Experience

I see the development of every store as a task to eradicate the problems which users are currently facing during online shopping. My Prestashop stores are a symbol of my problem-solving nature.

Strong Business Perspective For a Higher ROI

I believe if a store cannot earn then it’s beauty and functionality is of no use. Therefore, while providing e-commerce solutions I think seriously about business, growth and revenue.

Technologically Proficient and Up-to-date

This is a world of cut-throat competition, if you’re not up-to-date you’re out of the race. I keep myself in synchronization with the latest developments in Prestashop to render effective solutions. My current focus is on Prestashop 1.6.

Ready To Take The Risk Of Trying Something New

I love working with people who have the courage to break the rules and go ahead. I am always hungry to grab new opportunities, test my limits and challenge myself.

Why hire me?

I know it very well that there are hundreds of other Prestashop web developers in the market, but the quality and professionalism, you get here is distinguished. With over five years of experience, I aim to provide the best that Prestashop can offer.

  •  Five years of experience
  •  Certified Prestashop web developer
  •  Out-of-box solutions
  •  Good communication skills

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If you’re looking for a freelance PrestaShop web developer who is professional, experienced and cool minded, then you’re at the right place. Ecommerce development is my passion and I would leave no stone unturned to create a high-end store for you.

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